Seal Expert company was founded in Thessaloniki and it specializes in the manufacture and marketing of seals. It also specializes in solving sealing problems, as it has identified its name with high know-how, specialization and manufacturing consistency. The founder, Mousias Spyros respecting the needs and trust of his customers, offer prompt and reliable services, as well as guaranteed product quality.

Seal Expert has significant development and innovative applications in the field of sealing. The latest technology enables the production of infinite seal profiles up to 525 mm in diameter - 20.7΄΄ inches or more. The cooperation with leading foreign companies, the excellent use of the machines by its experienced certified programmers and operators, the certified construction materials, as well as the constant updating of the quality of the construction, guarantee the complete operation of its finished products.


During the production phase, the company offers its customers additional services related to:

· The study of sealing parts
· The sealing agent (liquid, gas, food, chemical, etc.)
· Choosing the right certified material
· Product design through a special program
· The calculation of tolerances
· The production of the finished product through a CNC machine of latest technology

· Integrated Sealing Applications.
· Safe. Guaranteed.
· Top Technology - Quality Performance.
· Affordable & Responsible.
· We give solutions when others stop !!!

We are always at your disposal for any information and cooperation.

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